Affiliate Disclosure

This blog was created with the sole intention of helping work at home moms make smart decisions when it comes to making a living online. I cover affiliate links considerably in this blog – and in full disclosure, it’s important to make clear that within this website you will find affiliate links to supported and recommended products.

This is what this blog teaches – this shows the operation of affiliate marketing in practice. Should there be a recommendation of a product in this website, then it is likely to be accompanied by an affiliate or referral link.

If you wind up buying anything due to this, then a small commission will be sent to me. Again, there is no added cost to yourself, and the process does not change at all for you. The entire commission costs the vendor and therefore has no impact on you.

Also, it’s important to make clear that products have been chosen to be recommended in here because they 100% fit the bill. At no stage is anything offered in this text that isn’t something that was used properly or plays a key role in your development as a mom working from home.

Only recommendations made within this website will come from products that have been used personally or come highly recommended. No recommendation is made solely based on deals with vendors, nor is anything selected due to commission percentages – items are chosen on merit.

In the interests of full disclosure, it was important to note these factors so that you can decide if you feel comfortable with me taking the commission. Again, you have no commission to pay – only the vendor/seller.

It’s important that this is addressed, though; it only feels right to let you know what the intention of this blog is. The idea is to inform and to educate, but it’s also to show that the working practice of affiliate links is possible – and it’s being done all around you, likely without you ever knowing.

If you have any issues or complaints about this, then please let me know at