Work At Home Moms Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Section 1: A Work At Home Moms Dilemma

Are you looking for a way to earn a decent living working at home?

Having trouble deciding your career path while needing to look after your kids?

Let’s all be honest here, as a work at home mother, the path you are on is one of discovery, learning, and growth.

It’s not always easy to think about your career when you are thinking about your kids.

As a mother, thinking about yourself is the least of your priorities. It’s understandable that because you also have other responsibilities towards your household. You can’t always do what you want.

Being a mother also means you would have to give up a big part of yourself for your family. But does that include your dreams and aspirations in life as an individual?

Definitely not!

So, now you may ask how do you adjust to fit in a career in the middle of all the chaos that is motherhood?

How do you do what you love and still get fulfilment?

What can you do? And what is it all going to cost?

Don’t panic.

The dilemma is that raising kids costs money and loads of it; which leads us to think that there needs to be a legitimate way to make money from home.

As engaging and fun as the work from home mom lifestyle is, many financial obligations that can come up along the way. After all, trying to become the next super mom as well as having a wild social life is going to cost you!

If you're worried about not knowing what to do first, that is perfectly fine.


It’s because all mothers who are about to embark on a path of being a work at home mother would typically think about costs first.

What makes you any different?

The good news is, there’s a way to earn money in your own online business AND look after your kids at the same time.

Hold your horses, before I unveil this fantastic career path, I should warn you that this type of business is not going to be easy. If you are expecting something easy and that does not require that much energy from you to accomplish, then you might as well stop reading and move on to the next shiny object!

Like anything worth achieving, this takes time and a little money.

If you are looking for something that you can earn from quickly, then this won’t be the right source of income for you.

However, if you want something for the long run, a steady mode of income for the future, then this is the best source of income for you.

Having your own online business can mean living debt free. Being able to travel freely, having the freedom to do what you want and invest in something that you love doing.

What if I told you, you could create your own business from the comforts of your own home, and with very little investment? Yes! It’s entirely possible, and it’s straightforward.

Let me give you some insight into the reality of becoming a work from home mother.

Whether you decide to come up with a lifestyle blog or an online store, the outcome will always exceed your expectations somehow. Provided that you put in the work and you make sure that you do everything correctly.

Many mothers have benefited from this type of business, and I am sure you can achieve the same results. With a little practice, hard work, and perseverance, you can achieve financial freedom.

You get to take control of your time, you get to take care of your kids future, and you get to enjoy all this at the same time.

It's a great feeling when you know that you have achieved financial freedom on your own, and more importantly, you didn't sacrifice valuable quality time with your family to achieve it.

Okay, so are you ready to find out how to do this?

Section Takeaway:

After reading this section, you should understand that;

✓ Working from home is not a get-rich-quick strategy.

✓ Being a successful work at home mother is entirely possible.

✓ And most importantly of all, this article will help you.

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Section 2: Who Will Benefit From This Article?

Let me tell you right now, you WON’T benefit from this article if you have this kind of mindset…

“I have no money because I’m already broke. I don’t have much time to think about business because I have my kids to worry about. I’m doing too many things at a time, and working from home will only hinder me from taking care of my children full time.”. 

Sound familiar? If it does, then you are likely to find yourself in a tight situation moving forward.

Take note, that this article, however, is not for any mother who:

• Has all the spare time in the world but isn’t completely ready to give up the extra time to work on their business. If you are the type of mother who still wants to work in the corporate world, and has absolutely no plan in resigning any time soon, then this isn’t for you.

• Is unable to commit themselves to work full time at home or at least a few hours per week for the next three to six months. If your mindset is not programmed for making money, then this article is NOT for you.

If any of the above-mentioned sounds like it could be you, then I cannot help you. (To be honest, if your attitude as well jives with the above mentioned, I don’t think anyone can help you!).

So pass this article to someone who is serious about making a career with affiliate marketing.

Pass it to a mother who sounds like the quote mentioned below:

“I’m under a mountain of debt; however, I'm open to knowing how I can start an online business from home. Moving forward, I want to make money out of my passion and make something out of my life while I am at home. I am willing to put in the work to make life easier for myself and my family.”

The work from home mothers who will benefit from using this article are:

• Those who are in need of a short-term to long-term income stream – Say the next 3-6 months or a year and interested in create an online business full time.

• Those who have little time to themselves, but willing to give up a little bit of their personal time. To focus on their careers and create a stronger foundation for the future.

• Those who can dip into their savings to invest just a little bit of cash into an online business and a proven money making system. Knowing that the income stream will not be generated right away.

Does this sound like you?

Then YOU are the type of mother that will benefit from reading this article. To be frank, this article is for those mothers who have energy, passion and commitment to make the best of themselves.

It is for mothers, who are willing to focus, invest, sacrifice, and commit in exchange for a better and stronger financial future. For you to succeed in this business, you will need to put in all of your energy into making something happen for the better.

Are you ready to take that leap? Let’s get started then!

Section Takeaway:

After reading to this section, you should understand;

✓ That to make the money you deserve, you need to block some time

✓ You need to find some seed money and be prepared to work, at least a little at the beginning.

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Section 3: The ‘Magic’ Pill

Now, the one thing I want to make clear before continuing is that this is not a magic money-making system.

There’s no push-button system; there’s no magic pill.

The world does not work like that. Anyone who is trying to sell you this kind of ‘magic pill’ is sadly very much mistaken, and someone who you should watch out for. If you want to stop wasting money and save time, then you need to stop looking for this kind of magic trick.

This article is going to show you how to build a legitimate and a real way of making money. The whole business in a box myth is just that – a myth.

Not to worry, though. This article will show you how to make money for yourself.

People go out and spend thousands of dollars on fitness machines, hoping that by using it for a few hours; they’ll become the person pictured on the box. Some people even spend hundreds of dollars on soccer boots that the best players wear, hoping it magically makes them able to shoot and score goals like the best.

But life does not work that way – spending money to improve yourself does not guarantee automatic results. You can have all the tools in the world, but you need to be committed to using them.

You need to understand that to be the success you wish to be; your time is as valuable as your money. Nobody has become a major success by just buying something; you need to put in the effort and the money yourself to earn that income.

Now, the good news is that with this article you will learn how to make money. You will learn a dedicated marketing system, and you will work VERY hard to put that system in place.

I will show you how I earn an honest and comfortable living, with the advantage that I use this system myself – it’s not something I bought as a Private Label Rights gig and am now re-marketing it to you!

Once you realise that making money online is about learning and working a system, not just buying it, then you will become closer to the reality you had hoped for in the first place.

If you are willing to put in the work in the short-term then you can prepare to benefit in the long-term; it is that simple. If you want to learn how to make money online, this is it – there’s no magic trick, but business a system that works like magic.

Section Takeaway:

After reading this section, you should understand;

✓ There is no ‘Magic’ pill, sorry. However, there is a system that works like magic.

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Section 4: Your Success Formula

Now, the next part we need to look at is the formula for your success.

The essential formula that we need to try and put into place – and into your mind is;

Work At Home Success Formula

Money + Effort + Time = Required Results

It is that simple – but, how do we go from looking at the formula to making it so?

First off, you are going to need access to around $500 to invest in most online ventures. That’s not a huge amount, but it may take some time to get $500.

That’s fine; good things come to those who wait.

Not sure how to go about getting this money? Then consider the following options;

• Borrowing from a friend or family member.

• Tap into a personal loan.

• Sell old items on eBay.

• Save money each month by cancelling unneeded subscriptions and extras.

• Reduce typical expenses like travel cost or leisure activity. Cancel your magazine subscriptions or your Netflix for a little while.

• Drop back on leisure spending and budget more ruthlessly at least for the short term.

• Each of the above should allow you to, within a period of about a few weeks, save up the collateral that you need. Also, it will probably take about that much time to get set up, to prepare and to be ready to start earning.

• Always try and build your money making system BEFORE the need for the cash appears.

The next challenge, then, comes from actually getting your sleeves rolled up and put in the effort. The harder that you work now, the faster that you will achieve the required results.

Got a bad habit of smoking or heavy nights out? Knock that in the head for the time being. You can afford your vices when you are earning enough in the future.

Just ask yourself a simple question – how badly do you want success?

Most people are reluctant to put in the effort and give up at the first sign of hardship. If you don’t see any online business working for you, don’t blame the system; blame the effort you put in.

This system isn’t magic or something that only certain people can do; what it does need, though, is your hard work and the desire to overcome challenges.

Lack of hard work and desire is the biggest reason why people fail at an online business.

Not sure where you will find the time to commit to an online business? Then here are some adjustments that you can make to your lifestyle to help free up your time. If you aren’t willing to compromise, then you aren’t willing to succeed.

• Realise you aren’t the only person short on time – everyone is! We all have 25 hours of activity to fit into a 24-hour day. Try and block up just around 5-6 hours per week that is less than an hour per day.

• If you spend 3 hours a night gaming or on social networks, make it an hour and a half. Bam, you just made more time than you need.

• Look at your schedule – which task are you doing that is menial and time-consuming? Find that, and cut it out of your life. Outsource it to someone else or ignore it until you have free time; concentrate on the tasks that need your passion and energy to finish first and foremost.

• Find your ten most time-consuming tasks, and put them in order of priority from 1-10. The last three out of the ten should be dropped for now. Do this enough times, and you’ll make up a few hours every day that was missing in the past.

Finding the money, the time and the desire of creating an online business work is the hardest step. However, it is necessary if you wish to be a genuine, long-term success.

So, just how hard are YOU willing to work for success?

Section Takeaway:

After reading this section, you should understand;

✓ How to find seed money

✓ How putting in the effort is critical to your success

✓ How to make time available

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Section 5: Real World Success Plan

When you apply the Success Formula to an online business you will benefit from these advantages;

  • Working for yourself
  • Earning money while you are sleeping, learning, holidaying, etc
  • Working anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection

However, you need to manage your expectation; you aren’t likely to shoot up from nobody to somebody in a matter of hours. Success results are variable. Instead, try and budget for;

Short-term goals:

Your aim should be that by around 3-6 months, you can earn the kind of money to pay for your living costs.

This includes rent, bills, the internet connection, mobile device contracts, travelling, food and clothes and your entertainment fund. Put this on a list of priorities and ensure you understand that it will take time to build up this kind of short-term income.

The question now is: how much do you need each month to fulfill your short-term financial goals?

Medium-term goals;

Across the following 6-12 months, your aim is to bring in the money to replace your part-time or even full-time job.

You want to have enough to manage a small holiday, too, if possible – as well as try and pay off debts like credit card debts. If you drive a car, you might want to save up and buy a new car, too.

So, how much do you need each month to fulfill your medium-term financial goals?

Long-term goals;

The next 12+ months should be spent trying to build up the long-term plan to give financial stability to all of your loved ones, subsidising family members when you can.

Try and make some investment to grow your business, pay off loans, and maybe even try and book a luxury holiday – you might even want to save up for a new home!

The goals above should be good examples of where you want to go – and fast. It means setting the tone for your future using simple and effective goals, which are going to be useful for making sure you maintain the right path towards success.

Thus, how much do you need each month to fulfill your long-term financial goals?

Each goal above is achievable if you are willing to put in the time and the effort to get there. If you are, the above should be exciting and energising, not daunting.

Section Takeaway:

After reading this section, you should understand;

✓ Your short term money goals

✓ Medium term money goals

✓ Your long term money goals.

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Section 6: Opening The Door

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

― Morpheus, to Neo (The Matrix)

So, which pill is yours?

Now, if you have read this far, then you have already ‘taken the red pill’, and you are about to emerge far more refined, comfortable and secure about what the future is likely to hold for yourself as much as your business.

However, by getting to this point, you have to make a promise to yourself – no longer will you mess around. You’ll stop taking liberties with your time, keep your determination, and give it 100% at every available junction.

There’s no going back now, so if you are ready to take ‘the plunge’ and enjoy running a stable and secure online business for years to come, it’s time to open the door to your financial success.

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Section 7: Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar

You might be wondering what this quote means, or why it’s even relevant – it’s quite simple. By the end of this article, it will make sense to you more than ever. In fact, it should become a key driving factor in the way that you tend to business for years to come.

So, what is affiliate marketing exactly? Many people are unsure what that term means. Well, Wikipedia defines as follows;

Wikipedia Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Sounds simple, right?

The idea is that you market the goods of other people rather than making your own. You might be a gifted salesman with a passion for a certain industry. But, without the means and the know-how to make a unique product, manufacture it, produce it and then promote it, how can you ever become a success?

Affiliate marketing gives you access to everything that you need to rectify this problem immediately. Instead, you sell products already made by other people, for a commission of the final sale price.

Who wins with affiliate marketing?

The best thing about affiliate marketing, then, is that everyone comes out of it with something. It’s not pyramid marketing where people get involved to make a living without their very own products.

Affiliate marketing is far fairer and easier to work with than other marketing concepts.

So, who wins?

  • The merchant wins, first and foremost. That’s important as it makes affiliate marketing possible in the first place. It allows merchants to build up a gang of rabid marketers and promoters, only paying a commission to each person with every product that they sell. Now, they can make larger volumes of sales for their products and wildly improve their profit margins also.
  • The affiliate (that’s you!) wins, as well. The affiliate wins because they actively have a solution to provide for people who need help – that means they (you) are offering value. It allows you to help people while also getting rewarded with some money in your pocket, too. Also, it allows you to generate income starting today – no more years’ worth of manufacturing and testing. Why bother when you can sell someone else’s working product?
  • The client wins. Any client can walk away with a solution for their problem with the absolute minimal amount of fuss along the way. This greatly improves the level of engagement that everyone gets from the service, as everyone gets something!

As you can see, there is no real downside to affiliate marketing. It allows for fast, accurate and fun marketing without the usual delays that can hamper and limit your ability to earn. Now, you have a chance of running a business that succeeds “even” as a work from home mom!

Why affiliate marketing is the ideal solution to make money

The following list should help you see just why affiliate marketing makes such incredible sense from your perspective.

Business Benefits

  • For one, you don’t need to have any products of your own to get started. You don’t need to spend time testing, planning, perfecting and then marketing a solution in the years to come – the product you will be selling already exists!
  • This saves you valuable time and money in the future, reducing the amount of time that you need to wait to make your business take off. Now you can start earning fast rather than having a plan to earn in 12 months or more.
  • You don’t need to buy or hold up any stock. Affiliate marketing process is dealt with by the person who manages the payment. You merely just direct people to the product. When they buy, someone else handles the entire sales and delivery process and you get a cut for your efforts – magic!
  • This allows you to reduce company outlay tremendously. No money spent on large warehouses, holding stock, storage of stock and everything else. You can just kick back and watch the profits roll in.
  • No need to get involved in headache inducing transactions for money between the client and the merchant. No more chasing clients, holding cash, managing payments for materials, etc. – this just pays you a wage, like selling cars for a company without any of the same stresses.
  • You avoid having to manage all of the frustrating customer queries, support issues and refund requests. Again, you get to sit back and watch the money come in! It’s a much easier way to earn a living than traditional forms of marketing. Since you are merely the middle man, not the merchant, you have nothing to do with the whole buying and delivery cycle.

Lifestyle benefits

  • You get to work as much – or as little – as you like. Affiliate marketing can be self-sustained if you have the right approach to marketing and take the time to build it up right. This means that you can actually reduce your hours worked, while increasing money earned as time goes on.
  • Providing you have access to the web, you can work more or less at any time that suits you.
  • Once you have the system set up and dancing to your specific tune, you more or less get to kick back and enjoy the profits rolling in. An affiliate marketing business can be well automated if you go along with the ideas I suggest, and actively put them in place.
  • Worried that you can only earn a low wage due to your qualifications? Affiliate marketing destroys that concept. Lots of ‘unqualified’ people are making huge sums of money from affiliate marketing. It’s the kind of business that can help you earn part-time wages right through to earning money which you were never ‘qualified’ to earn!
  • Get paid what you are worth.
  • This is a business model that allows you to be professional, make good money, work on your studies AND enjoy social time with friends and family. This is the definition of having your cake and getting to eat it too!

Long-term benefits

  • Being in affiliate marketing means also recognising that it has various benefits to you – such as being able to scale up in the future. This is not a business model that has an earning cap. The only thing that can hold you back would be your ambitions and determination. If you want to work hard at this, the sky is the limit.
  • It’s so easy to get started today in affiliate marketing. Just $500 is more than enough to set up a good program to work with and to see recurring results from your investment. This is the easiest way to start making money without a large investment.
  • Domain, hosting, e-mail management software and related tools will ensure that you get all the help that you need in making this process work. You have assistance from various forms of software that does everything you need regarding growing your earnings.
  • Everything that you need to learn can be picked up on the go. The learning curve is exceptionally small, and this means that you get all the help that you need in understanding the next step. It’s not a hard subject to learn – you just need to be determined.
  • Learn as you earn is the aim of the game here. You have no reason to stop learning and developing as you pick up the ideas of affiliate marketing – it can all be put into practice as you learn, allowing you to open up the path to success in no time.
  • Feel that you can't write articles or create images etc.? Then outsource it! You can pick up an expert to help you with everything that you need starting at $5. It’s a lot cheaper and can be just as effective as bringing in a professional organisation full-time.
  • You can work with various affiliate networks – you are not beholden to just one product or service. This means that you have a near limitless scope of products to market.
  • As you can see, earning money with affiliate marketing is limitless.

The pitfalls of affiliate marketing

However, with all this in mind, it’s also important to note that certain challenges that exist when using this kind of marketing.

Even affiliate marketing has its pitfalls!

In this section, we’ll take a look at what could potentially hold you back from your success. This will ensure that you begin to see significant changes in the way that you work, think and operate in the years to come. It’s going to be useful to help you understand marketing as a whole, too.

First off, you have to accept that affiliate marketing requires a large amount of work. Once the setup is right, and the program is in place, the system works in your sleep. Getting there, though, means not getting much sleep! Be prepared to work hard to get the system up and running, or you will never see any success. Like any other system, it’s most important ingredient is hard work.

This is NOT some get rich fast scheme – if you think it is, you’ve come to the wrong place. This is a legitimate marketing technique that anyone CAN do, so long as they are WILLING to do so. Don’t take this on if you aren’t ready for hard work and many nights of learning!

It all depends on how well you start – some people make a commission on the first day, others take months, and some never make a dime. Again, it all depends on how hard you work and how willing you are to keep making adjustments and keep going until those cheques roll in.

Doing your research

So, with all of the pitfalls in mind, it pays to do some research on who you are working with. Make sure that you consider the following ideas;

  • Is the person that you are affiliating with scrupulous? Can you stand up and testify that they are genuine? Make sure the people you are working with are ethical and fair.
  • Have a look around the Internet. What are other marketers saying about the merchant you are looking to represent? It might all seem like a bed of roses at first, but the weeds may be growing underneath. Always take the time to investigate beyond just the surface about who you may be marketing on behalf of.
  • Never take the word of a merchant itself – always take some time to look into who they are. Can they provide a fixed trading address? If not, avoid at all costs.

Avoiding poor quality products

Another major element of your business will be who you represent. Does the person that you are working with provide substandard or poor quality products? If so, you should take the time to investigate just how good your offers are.

  • Never promote a merchant before you actively get a physical test of what they have to offer. Something can look outstanding on the bottle/box but be a complete mess inside. Review what others are saying and never get into bed with a company until you are 100% sure that they sell high quality goods.
  • Remember that your reputation as a business is built entirely on what you sell to your clients. If you start offering them poor quality items under the guise of being the solution that they need, then you will harm your reputation.
  • Avoid using a company that makes ANY false claims whatsoever about their products. Your primary concern is always to give excellent value to your clients. This means avoiding selling goods that come with phoney claims. 

Avoiding loss of revenue

  • Another major issue that you should always be looking out for is merchants cutting your earnings out of nowhere. Merchants can do this to you when you are not paying attention, and it will begin to add up. 2-3% missing on every sale adds up at the year’s end!
  • Always take the time to look into commission periods. Some affiliates have a draconian delay on their commission payments. Others might hold unfair 30 to 90-day money back guarantees on their products which mean you also might have to wait for payment.
  • Commissions tend to be paid after the guarantee expires so they can make sure that the people you have brought in have paid up. While it may be fair on both parties (the producer and consumer), it can leave you waiting far too long for payment. So, make sure you look into this very carefully before promoting a product.
  • You might even find that commissions are being brutalised due to returns on products. Be sure to keep an eye out for this as it might mean you have to look for a new product or merchant to promote.

Before you can begin thinking of taking your affiliate marketing plans to the next level, you have to understand that some pretty big challenges will await you. This is not to put you off, but to help you avoid going into a marketing campaign with your eyes shut and eventually facing disappointment.

So, before you start working on any affiliate marketing whatsoever, I recommend that you take the time to look into some of the following requirements, necessary to make marketing much simpler.

Basic computing skills

  • The first thing that we need to have is the basic use of computing technology. If you are not tech savvy, then get on YouTube to view ‘How To’ videos, pick up some ‘For Dummies’ books and even look into enrolling in some part-time courses to help you learn. You’ll need basic computer skills!
  • For one, you have to be good with MS Word and Excel. Both general purpose packages will play a pretty critical role in any research that you do on a regular basis. Fortunately, just about any feature or skill needed can be learned online.
  • Also, get good with using web browsers and e-mail programs. You have to be aware of their general layout and how to best get use out of every feature. Again, you can learn using Google as it can show you the knowledge that you are missing.
  • Try and invest in a Mac/P.C. and a laptop (preferably both).
  • You should look into getting a permanent Internet connection, too. Avoid expensive packages and deals that are thrown in with the TV and the likes – just a solid, fast and affordable Internet package will do.

Making marketing work

Lastly, it’s vital that you appreciate just how much work this is going to take to make it work. You have to be willing to learn the affiliate marketing strategy as time goes on. If you want to be well-off and have the opportunity to run a brilliant business model almost on autopilot, you need to put in the hard work.

It’s very easy to grasp the whole affiliate marketing system – it’s not exactly rocket science, as they say.

However, if you follow the ideas outlined in this article, then you can begin to amplify the level of success and performance that you can get from your system as a whole.

All it takes is a willingness to stay focused and to continue to follow the instruction covered in this article. Avoid becoming disheartened at the hard work needed. It get easier as you go on.

Stop looking into other money making systems as they sound easier or quicker to set up. Money is waiting for you in affiliate marketing IF you are ready to put in the work and the hard yards to earn it.

It’s the best way for work at home moms to earn substantial money online, with great flexibility and potential. You just have to be prepared to make that so!

Section Takeaway:

After reading to this section, you should understand;

✓ Affiliate Marketing it one of the best ways for work at home moms to start making money online with great time flexibility and uncapped earning potential.

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Section 8: How Affiliate Marketing Works Online

So now that you understand that affiliate marketing is the right way to make money online let’s dig a little deeper.

To become an affiliate marketer, you need to really “get” the process of affiliate marketing.

This process, fortunately, is rather simple.

Affiliate Marketing Cycle for Work At Home Moms

Step 1: Apply to become an affiliate for your chosen merchant.

Once you have found a suitable merchant with an affiliate program, you need to apply to become their affiliate. The merchant’s affiliate application form is usually found on their website. The application form is typically located in a section labelled ‘Affiliates’. Surprise, surprise!

We will discover how to find the right merchant and the best products to promote in the next chapter.

Step 2: Merchant approves your affiliate application.

The merchant assesses your application. Once approved, you’ll get a confirmation email giving you full access to promote their products and services.

Step 3: You will be provided with a unique affiliate link.

Your affiliate link is usually a URL link that you will use when marketing the merchant’s products. So, when someone clicks your affiliate link or banner advert, the merchant notes you as a referrer.

Since you brought the visitor to the website, any future purchases the buyers make will be attributed to you.

Professional merchants usually provide a library of marketing materials for affiliates to use to promote products. From text links, banner adverts, lead magnets (freebies including downloadable ebooks) and even sample e-mails will be provided to help you with your marketing campaign.

Step 4: Promote your affiliate link far and wide.

You’ll be using the power of the Internet to promote your affiliate links to as many potential buyers as possible. Utilising as much of the merchants marketing materials as you can to ensure you have the right content to pull in potential buyers.

You can promote the product’s affiliate links via banner adverts and merchant copy on your website or blog. Send links to your existing contacts or contacts of your associates who may be interested in the products you promote.

Step 5: Buyers click on the link and make a purchase.

Once a buyer clicks through to the site via your affiliate link and buys a product, you’ll be notified when a sale has been made. So as long as someone arrives at the website through your link and makes a purchase, you will receive that commission.

Step 6: Once the purchase is complete, you get paid!

The amount you get paid is based on either a fixed amount per sale or a percentage of the sale. You will receive payment on an agreed upon timeframe after a sale has been made.

Of course, the main challenge, then, is going to be finding the right products to market to your audience. Initially, not everyone knows exactly what they want to promote, so you have to be ready to do some research. If you aren’t sure what niches you’d like to sell in, the next chapter will help.

Section Takeaway:

After reading to this section, you should understand;

✓ The complete life cycle of an affiliate sale made online.

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Section 9: How To Find the Right Niche

When trying to decide on which niche to build your affiliate marketing empire, you’re likely stumped on where to start.

To make sure you are making a positive start in finding the right niche, consider each of the following six factors in whether or not a niche is worthwhile in pursuing.

This means drilling into your desires and your main hobbies and balancing the niches viability until you find a happy medium. The niche should be popular and varied enough to carry an interest on the Internet. Without interest from your potential buyers, you’ll never make a living in a particular niche.

A popular niche lends itself to having good products. So, I wholly recommend that you start your journey into affiliate marketing by working in a popular niche you love and care about. It’s a common piece of advice, but that is only because it works.

Perfect Niche For Work At Home Moms

Find a niche that you love

If you want to find success in affiliate marketing (given our financial and time constraints), passion is needed. Why?

When you have a passion in a niche, you will already have the basic knowledge to accelerate your progress. You will have a natural enthusiasm for the products and empathy for the problems they solve.

You can honestly and legitimately promote the products based on the niche you love. You will know what a product’s most beneficial features would be, and why a particular product is such a viable solution to a problem. When you start your first affiliate campaign, this kind of natural enthusiasm is quite priceless.

Find the niche that you read about

How often do you read about your niche? The more details that can be found on the Internet about your niche, the better. If you cannot or do not read about the topic a lot, it’s not worth considering. If you have a particular interest that you love reading about, then assess the niches commercial viability.

Find the niche that you will have the time to write about

Writing is an important part of affiliate marketing. You will be writing emails, blog posts and articles to attract buyers as part of your marketing strategy. The more enthusiastically that you can write about a particular niche, the more likely you are to sell the products effectively.

However, you don’t need to be a great writer to start as you can outsource the actual writing process to professionals. Just so you know, I, too, outsourced the actual writing process of this article to a professional ghost writer. However, the content was based on my personal experience and online strategies.

Find a niche that you already have knowledge and experience in

How do you fit in a particular niche? How can you help people within this niche? What information can you provide in this industry that others would not be able to find? What experience can you draw upon in helping potential buyers with problems within your chosen niche?

Find a niche that is evergreen

An ’evergreen' niche is one that you can sell in all-year round. Having limitations based on the time of year is not a big deal by any means. However, it just means that it should not be your first attempt at affiliate marketing. You want to aim for a niche that allows sales all year round.

Find a niche that ranks positively with Google Trends?

Using Google Trends as a guide allows you to see the progression and development of your niche over time.

It lets you see the peaks and troughs of the market for a specific niche. It helps to know the popularity of a niche before choosing the products within it. A niche usually has at least some form of sub-niche so look into the sub-niche category and see just how popular the trending performance is. Evaluate if the results make the niche more or less likely to be your first choice.

Have a look at the image in the article showing a Google Trends results for the search term ‘Christmas Decoration’. Here is an example of a bad niche choice to start with. Note the seasonal variation trends during the year giving a limit on the sales.

Google Trend Christmas Decor

Now have a look at the image in the article showing a Google Trends results for the search term ‘Dog Training’.

Google Trend Dod Training

This is an example of a good niche choice. Note the high volume of searches that are steady over the five year period.

With all the research in mind, write down your top five list of your favourite niches that satisfy the points covered in this section e.g.

Top 5 Niche List

Now test out the validity of your niche examples in Google Trends.

Section Takeaway:

After reading this section, you should understand;

✓ How to assess your love and passion for a particular industry to find your five favourite niches.

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Section 10: How To Find The Right Affiliate Products Within Your Chosen Niche

Now that you have defined the five niches you are passionate about let’s assess them to single out the most viable one.

When looking for products to promote, your main aim is to search for solutions to the problems that buyers have. This is an important point.

As an affiliate marketer, your aim is to recommend products that make you great commissions AND provide the perfect solution to the buyer’s problem. You should not promote anything that doesn’t offer BOTH of these benefits.

Perfect Products for Work At Home Moms

There are seven points to consider to ensure that affiliate products are worth promoting to your buyers.

Your product should be relevant to your chosen niche

Only promote products that fit your chosen niche. After all, what is the point in trying to sell something without relevance?

For example, if your chosen niche has to do with pets, then you wouldn’t start promoting football boots or video game controllers to the same buyers!

Always make sure that the product you offer fits the niche and solves a problem within the niche.

Your product should solve a problem

People will buy from you because they want help. Only promote a product based on its potential to solve a buyers issue. Picking products based on affiliate revenue commissions or hype is the wrong train of thought.

Your product should be evergreen

Just how “evergreen” is your product? That really matters. Ideally, each product you promote should be evergreen so that you can sell them all year round. You don’t want to start promoting products that have a short marketing lifespan or are seasonal.

Your products should have professional marketing material available from the merchant

A good affiliate program worth being a part of should be supported with effective promotional materials. What kind of marketing materials are available to help you promote their product? Do they have enough quality adverts, sample emails and a captivating sales page?

If you look at the merchant’s sales page and don’t find yourself impressed, then it’s safe to assume your buyers won’t be impressed either.

Your product should have great commissions

You are an affiliate marketer to make money as well as help people, remember? Don’t accept charity gigs just because it’s super helpful. Don’t try to take on products with small commissions that leave you needing to sell an impossible volume to justify the effort.

Also, look out for prizes offered by merchants to high achieving affiliates who rank well for their sales competition. It might be the incentive that you need to choose merchant ‘A’ over merchant ‘B’. However, never pick a product based only on commissions alone!

Your chosen product should be set-up to sell effectively to buyers

How good is the official sales page for the product? This is a major element of product selection because when you send potential buyers to a sales page, the page needs to look professional and convert well.

Is your product a one-time offer or is it subscription based?

This makes a big difference to your income. If you are selling subscription based products, then you will make lots of smaller but regular commissions for as long as the members stay subscribed e.g. monthly subscription to a weight loss program.

One-time sales mean that; once the product is sold, the client may never return

If you want to build up a small army of commissions that continuously roll into your bank account, then go for more subscription-based affiliate programs.

Each of the ideas should help you decide on which products to promote. If you wish to make it as an affiliate marketer, then you have to appreciate that product selection is a major issue. At no point should you be involved with affiliate marketing if you don’t want to offer the best products. It means taking the time to research well because you are putting your reputation on the line.

So, how do you find the perfect product to promote? Let’s begin the research.

Looking for affiliate programs with Google search

Now that you understand what needs to be considered when selecting a good product to promote, let’s look at where to find good products. As you may have guessed, we’ll be doing that online. Let’s start with Google.

To start, try using one simple search. All you need to do is type into Google “[your niche] affiliate programs” and hit Search.

Also, make a note of the various suggestions that Google makes for other keywords within the drop down suggestion box. This will help you drill down and find popular searches that can help you find great affiliate programs.

Google Search for work at home moms

For example, if you want to get involved in the pet industry, you have lots of options. You could search for;

  • Dog training affiliate programs.
  • Pet products affiliate programs.
  • Pet supplies affiliate programs.
  • Pet insurance affiliate programs.

And more!

Looking for affiliate products through affiliate networks

A vital part of finding quality affiliate products also comes from using affiliate networks. Affiliate networks help to connect publishers like you and me, with merchants. Merchants need marketers to sell their products, and you need products to sell to your buyers. It’s the most convenient of relationships.

As such, if you want to get into the world of affiliate marketing professionally, affiliate networks are a must. Neglecting affiliate networks severely limits your income potential.

All you need to do is sign up to the network itself. Your application will be vetted, and all being well, you’ll be verified as a member. Then, you can sign into an affiliate network and start getting access to a database of merchants affiliate programs.

So, what are the main benefits of using affiliate networks?

One of the best parts of using an affiliate network is the sheer volume of affiliate programs you can access. With merchants promoting their affiliate programs all in one place, you should have no problems finding a good product to promote.

Merchants that promote in an affiliate network tend to pass some pretty stringent checks. This stops you from promoting mediocre or fake products. However, always conduct thorough research on the merchants you wish to represent so that you are comfortable with their integrity.

Being part of an affiliate network means you tend to get lots of help from their merchants. You will have access to affiliate links, banners, advertising and marketing material. Check all their marketing material to satisfy yourself that the quality of their content is high enough to convert prospects to buyers.

Each network will have many lucrative affiliate programs across various niches and a reputation for providing quality and fairness across the industry.

I suggest you register with as many affiliate networks as possible to get access to the best products in the market.

Some of the networks you should join are;

Click Bank
Commission Junction                               
Amazon Associates
Rakuten Affiliate Network
Affiliate Window
Ebay Partner Network

Analysing your chosen products

You need to spend some time looking for approximately ten products in each of the five niches that you came up with earlier. This means, in total, you will have about 50 products to look at in your list.

You should document your chosen products on an MS Excel sheet to help you decide which niche to pursue first and which products to promote within that niche.

Once you have documented the five favourite niches (from the previous section) and the ten products within each niche, it's time to analyse the results.

Firstly, look at a list of your five chosen niches.

  • Which niche was the best fit for the six factors that need to be considered?
  • Which niche can you actively work in over the next few years?
  • Which niche can you see yourself confidently talking about?
  • Which niche would you like to be associated with?

Secondly, look at the ten products in each of the niches

  • Which of the niches was it easiest to find products with viable affiliate programs?
  • Which of the niches have the biggest diversity of products to promote?
  • Which niches have the best commissions on their products?
  • Which niches had the best products you would like to be associated with?

Once you have analysed the answers to the above questions, you will have a clearer picture of which niche you want to be involved in and which products you are going to promote in your marketing campaigns.

Section Takeaway:

After reading this section, you should understand the following;

✓ How to start the research to find lucrative affiliate programs in your favourite niches.

✓ How to search for affiliate programs with Google search.

✓ How to harness the power of Affiliate Networks to find money making products to market to your audience.

✓ How to analyse and select your favourite niche and the products you will want to promote.

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Section 11: The Traditional Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are all about creating a system to take every visitor to your website from being a visitor to being a buyer. You can use a variety of strategies and tools to hand-hold visitors down the road of discovery, so the result is they buy the products you recommend.

The sales funnel conversion process is all about moving a visitor from being a lead, to a prospect, to a buyer.

Take a look at the diagram in the article of a traditional sales funnel.

Sales funnel for work at home moms

Visitor: A visitor comes to your website searching for information to solve a problem.

Lead: The visitor registers to your website by giving you their email address with a view to receiving more information on solving their problem. The information given could be any lead magnet such as an ebook, white paper, video, podcast, slide, etc. At this stage, the visitor is now a lead.

Prospect: The lead receives an email about the possible ways to solve their problem with links to the solution (affiliate products). At this stage, the lead is a prospect.

Buyer: Once the prospect clicks the link and has purchased an affiliate product, they are now a buyer.

How to build your own affiliate marketing sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a critical part of making money online, so you need to create your own sales funnel to turn your website visitors into buyers.

So what do you need to create your money making sales funnel?

Sales Funnel Componants for work at home moms

To start with, you need five essential components to create your own sales funnel; domain name, logo, hosting package, WordPress blog and an email marketing software. It is easy to put these components together to create a steady flow of affiliate commissions.

In the next few sections, you will learn more about each of the components in greater detail.

Section Takeaway:

After reading to this section, you should understand;

✓ Creating a profitable sales funnel is critical in growing your revenue stream.

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Section 12: Get A Domain Name

Your first step towards online domination and getting your affiliate marketing sales funnel comes from having your own domain name.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is essentially a sequence of letters/numbers separated by periods. They are a are friendly naming system that acts as pointers. The domain name points to what is known as an IP address, which is a unique number that represents a physical point on the Internet. The physical point on the Internet is where your website will be hosted.

E.g. The domain name points to IP address:

A domain name usually ends with a 2-3 character extension such as .com,, .jp, .gov etc. All domain names run under what is known as the Domain Name System, or DNS. This is like the Yellow Pages/phone book of the internet.

When choosing a domain name ensure that it fits with the overall concept of the website as a whole.

How to choose a domain name

First off, you need to think about the human element of your website. What does your domain name say about your website content? What does it portray when spoken?

Even if you already have a domain name, you still need to consider the following attributes to ensure that your domain name is appropriate for your website;

  • Memorability. You need to try and make sure that your domain name is a memorable term. It has to be easy to read, and it has to be simple to say. For example, if your company was called ‘Joe’s Tools’ that’s a lot easier to remember than ‘Variety of Tools Sold By Joe’. Many people try and use a longer name for the business that symbolises what it is. Let’s say you were based in Warwickshire. Your company name might be Joe’s Tools in Warwickshire. is much more memorable than
  • Accuracy. Make sure that you are accurate in spelling. For example, there’s a big difference between and spealt with a ‘Z’.
  • Readability. Your domain name needs to be readable for people to know what you offer. Use words that flow together. The ultimate acid test is can you write it down and then say it without sounding weird? If you can, it’s good. Keep in mind that various nations have different ways of talking, so you have to try and find something that is fairly universal. So, no slang and no regional chatter in the domain name – it’ll be too obscure.
  • Branding. Another major requirement for your domain name is that it has to fit with your “brand”. Find a domain name that portrays what you do well – take the time to research popular terminology and smart ideas. It has to be short and swift, but it has to give off the right feel about your business. Your domain name should be a 2-3-word summary of what you offer. If you repair windows, for example, then something like would be a place to start.

However, some other factors come into play as well, such as;

  • The Extension. Will you be a .com? or a .org? There are many choices to pick from so you have to know what you want to go for. Some people find less common extensions misleading, so try and stick to .com if you can get it. If you are regional to one country, stick to the localised extension i.e., .ie, .es.
  • Uniqueness. You need to be nice and unique, too. You have to stand out from the crowd in a big way. Your best bet for making that possible is to simply research business names. Make your decision based on what you find to be catchy and smart, but also something that fits your business.
  • Keyword Usage. Another major factor is the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) factor – this should be a primary marketing concern. This works best when you try to use a primary keyword within the title. Use the Google Keyword Tool to see what people are searching for, and use that as your guide to your domain name suggestion.
  • Legality. Make sure you aren’t stepping on any toes, either. When choosing a domain name, be rigorous and make sure it won’t leave you in any legal hot water. Always check and then re-check to ensure the name you choose doesn’t infringe any copyright laws before you settle on a domain name. You have to make sure your domain name is well-researched, catchy, works with the brand, fits with your philosophy and is not breaking any legal codes. It’s a tough but necessary step to avoid legal heartache.

Simple do’s and don’ts


  • Try to use a primary keyword in the domain name.
  • Be specific with your keyword usage.
  • Place keywords at the beginning of the domain name if you can.
  • Use a top level extension such as .com


  • Use lots of dashes within the domain name.
  • Use unrelated phrases because “it sounds good”.
  • Repeat a keyword within the domain name.
  • Use too many keywords.

Where to start brain-storming the names

With all the above points in mind its time to start making a short list of names that are available for purchase.

Incidentally, I use to purchase all my domains as they’re extremely affordable with great customer support.

You can start Brain-Storming your Domain Names at :

Section Takeaway:

After reading this section, you should understand;

✓ What to consider when brainstorming domain names that are easy to remember, unique and contain relevant keywords to your business to help you create a firm foundation to build your brand.

Click here to check the availability of your domain names.

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Section 13: Get A Logo

The next stage of making a fortune online is going to come down to how professional your business looks to your potential clients with your logo. You need a professional logo as it helps to sell the image and style of your business as a whole.

Branding goes that extra mile in making your enterprise feel more legitimate and gives your buyers the confidence to reach for their credit cards.

Whether you’re going to design a logo by yourself or commission a graphic designer you need to understand a few basic design concepts. Understanding the basic logo concepts will help steer your ideas to the perfect design.

Brain-Storming ideas

Create a Word document to bring together the ideas that you brainstorm. This document can double up as a design brief to forward to your graphic designer if you decide to outsource the design process.

And even if you already have an existing logo, the following points will help you decide if your logo is right for your company image.

Designing a logo

When designing a quality logo, ensure that it fits your business well. To help kick-start the flow of your creative juices consider the following thought processes to plan out the creation of your company logo.

  • Start Researching Online. Go online and copy onto your document a bunch of logos with designs that appeal to you. Choose logos with colours and styles you like. And choose logos with typefaces you like used on the design. Doing this will help you get an idea of what you like – and dislike – and actualise the preferences swirling around in your head.
  • Collect Unique Logos. This is very important. Don’t just follow popular trends or copy a big company in your industry. It will just make you look like a pale imitation. Your final logo needs to be made with the intention of being timeless, not just a passing fad.
  • Create Colour Schemes That are Right for You. Using an online colour calculator, determine the colour sets that are right for you. Compare various colour sets to see which colours work best. Copy the approved colour sets onto your document for reference.
  • Defining your Logo's Purpose. What is your logo trying to say? Does it have any particular feel or message that you wish to put across? Working this out matters. Logos need to show a specific connection to the service you offer or the problem that you solve. Copy onto your document images and artwork or icons that reflect the purpose of your business.
  • Simplicity is Special. Don’t feel like you have to go over the top just to compensate. It’s not necessary. Simplify the concept with your design elements, and it will look far better. Look at Apple – it’s just a bloody half-eaten apple! Keep it simple and symbolic, and it will be far more effective as a branding tool.
  • Is the Logo Memorable? How memorable is the design? This is a very important factor. An important part of building a good rapport with your business logo is to see how memorable it is. If a logo lacks a memorable touch, then it will likely have a negative impact on your branding success. Your logo should be memorable and something that people recognise with just one quick glance. Is that the case with your design? Copy onto your document logos that are easy to remember and that are well known in your industry.
  • Make Your Logo Innovative. Another key factor here is how different you are with the design. Does it just carry the same hallmarks as everyone else? If so, how can you expect the logo to stand out? Be bold, be innovative. It’s imperative that you are aware of how different your design is to your competitor’s logos. Working this out now will avoid your logo getting lost in the crowd. Copy onto your document innovative and clever logo designs that you like.
  • The Flexibility of Your Logo. A good logo can be manipulated and changed in colour and style, while keeping the same message. Look at Google for example – they make regular adjustments to their logo but keep the same style. Your logo has to be designed so it can be used in various ways, and on various items. Does it work on a piece of clothing as well as it does on a flat background? Working this out will stop you from having a rigid logo that’s hard to work with.
  • The Perfect Shape of Your Logo. Shape matters in a logo – you want to have a nice shape that is balanced but can be used in various mediums. From putting it on a large van to having it appear small on a website. Your logo needs to work at all sizes. Copy onto your document beautifully shaped logos that you like the look of.
  • Great Typography. Typography matters more than most people seem to think. It makes a staggering difference when the right typeface is used. Will you go bold with ALL CAPS? Or will you keep it nice and smooth? How text looks is just as important as what it says. Will you go big or small? Or will you keep the text sleek and minimalistic? It depends entirely on the choices you wish to make. On your document create a list of a few typefaces that you like the look of and feel that it will sit well with your logo.

Understanding all of these concepts can be a big challenge. It all takes a lot of work, planning and preparation to understand what will work for your final design.

However, the document you create will help you brainstorm your ideas and help you come up with a few designs, colours and typefaces that you like. This document will guide you to your final design or will help you create a design brief for a graphic designer to use as a starting point for your logo.

Using an experienced graphic designer is always the best way to getting the perfect logo for your business. There is one particular place where you can go to get great looking logos from talented designers at an affordable price.

99Designs is where I go to get access to a talented pool of graphic designers for all my logos at budget prices.

The experts at 99Designs created the cover design for this article too.

You can check out the portfolios of the talented designers at 99Designs.

Section Takeaway:

After reading to this section, you should understand;

✓ How to create a logo design brief outlining your preferences for colour, typeface, likes and dislikes. This will help you create your company logo or create a design brief to outsource to a graphic designer.

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Section 14: Get A Web Hosting Service

The next element of your planning should come from locating a good web hosting service. Finding good, reliable and safe hosting is important.

A web hosting company is used to give your website a home on their servers – so it can be visited and seen by people online. Without one, you literally cannot go any further!

The challenge in finding good hosting comes from understanding the cost of hosting. It can cost you hundreds of dollars per month when using a premium service. However, since we’re just starting out, you don’t need to be quite so excessive!

A starter plan should be enough, with the chance to upgrade should you ever need to. When you are in need of more bandwidth, extra space and better resources, you can upgrade to a stronger plan. You don’t need VPS plans, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting at first – but you might in the future.

As such, always choose a hosting company that can deliver the right package.

Things to consider

One of the main issues with choosing hosting is the variety. With so many to pick from, where do you start even making an assessment? The easiest way to answer these questions is to consider the following;

  • Disk Space Provided. How much disk space do you get with your chosen hosting package? You should always look for a website host that gives the highest disk space. As you get more content and receive more visitors you will need more disk space, so always get a package with, at least, the chance to upgrade.
  • Bandwidth. Your bandwidth determines how many people can visit your website each month, essentially. You need the highest level of bandwidth possible – the higher, the better, no exceptions. Low bandwidth caps your potential so avoid it at all costs if possible.
  • Customer Quality. How do you get treated? Send an e-mail asking some rather awkward questions about the service. See the depth, quality, speed and authenticity of the reply you get. This will help you see how they deal with questions when a problem exists.
  • Hosting. Does the hosting account allow you to use WordPress? WordPress is the platform we’re likely to be building our websites on, so a hosting package needs to include a WordPress installation option.
  • Customer Reviews. How fair are the customer reviews? Make sure you take the time to clearly, thoroughly search through all customer reviews before signing up. You can accept negative reviews based on people having poor individual experiences. What you want to look out, for, though, is consistent and repetitive mentions of the same problems over and over again. If you see this, then keep looking elsewhere.
  • E-Mail Features. What kind of services are offered to help you combat spam and to manage your e-mails for the website? If no reliable system is offered then try another company.

Hosting types

One of the problems you are likely to face is choosing the hosting you want to make use of. With so many types to pick from, it can become quite frustrating trying to choose between them.

Try and pick the most suitable hosting type from the options below;

  • Shared Hosting. This is the most common form of hosting that people tend to go with. Shared hosting means you are on the same server as other websites – probably lots of websites. As such, you have space, but you have no priority over other users. It’s like living in an apartment block. You are sharing resources, memory, processing power and security with everyone else. This is the cheapest service but also the lowest in performance quality. If you want to have a clearer online experience for your users, shared hosting can lead to an inconsistent performance.
  • VPS Hosting. Another popular selection is VPS Hosting. VPS is used when you exceed the power needed by a shared hosting platform. This gives you better hosting performance without paying for a dedicated server. This is a good halfway house, offering more power without the same costs. If you have special needs and requirements of that server then VPS hosting makes it much easier to enact and work with the solutions that you need. The choices, though, do depend almost entirely on the way that you wish to work – it offers full control at a fair cost.
  • Dedicated Hosting. The solution that you go for when you have had enough of sharing. If you are ready to move out of the apartment and into that big mansion at the top of the street, this is it. The virtual equivalent of a chateaux, this is the perfect place to give yourself the help and care you need in hosting. You have access to advanced scripting, dedicating security, elite customisation and all the advanced stuff you need.
  • Cloud Hosting. This is the coolest form of hosting. The Cloud has become a common tech term and is revolutionising the way that people are working today. Well, your website can receive the same positive treatment. Cloud hosting is quite like a VPS hosting solution in many ways. However, it’s very stable and has more scalability than the former option. You can change the bandwidth needs, the disk space needs and everything else very easily. It means your costs go up, obviously, but it leaves you in total and utter control. If you want immense uptime and scalability, then cloud hosting is for you.

I use Site Ground Hosting to host my websites. They’re an affordable hosting company with robust customer support and that offer flexible upgrading options.

Site Ground Hosting are also recommended by WordPress!

To check out their hosting packages go to Site Ground Hosting Packages.

Section Takeaway:

After reading to this section, you should understand;

✓ How to find a suitable web hosting service that starts at the low price range with the capability to expand as your online business grows. Ensuring your chosen hosting company specialise in WordPress installations.

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Section 15: Get WordPress

For anyone unsure of why they should be using WordPress, put simply, it makes creating your website simple. It’s known as a Content Management System (CMS), meaning that you can easily create, manage and maintain pages of website content through an easy to use interface. If you want to build a website yourself, it’s a powerful DIY option and an excellent place to start.

Not only is it free to use, but it’s also an open-source project meaning that you can quickly adapt your website at the most technical levels. The interface is so user-friendly that it makes light work of changing, managing and maintaining website content.

You can create a simple blog through to a functional business website with ease. Also, you can even manage a mobile app through WordPress today; the functionality that it provides is sensational.

So now, install WordPress onto your webspace.

If you have hosting with then you can install it easily via their Control Panel. However, the SiteGround techies can help you with the installation.

Alternatively, you can go to to get the installation you need via their website.

Designing WordPress accordingly

Now, you might have the functionality, but do you have the layout? If you don’t, fear not. You don’t have to go and get Adobe Creative Suite and spend weeks learning to design a website.

WordPress also offers a range of tutorials that are very easy to learn and use to improve your website design within a short period of time.

WordPress has a massive library of tutorials and troubleshooting lessons that can help you become WordPress-fluent in a very short space of time. When it comes to being self-sufficient, WordPress makes it easier than any of its rival platforms.

You can search WordPress’s directory for free themes that you can use, or go to a site such as ThemeForest and pull out a glut of excellent WordPress themes that are affordable, customisable and look fantastic.

ThemeForest gives you access to a range of plug-ins that can be used to add more money-making features to your website. From installing an easy to run eCommerce plugin to SEO management with the All-in-One SEO tool, controlling your website has never been so simple.

I use ThemeForest to purchase my WordPress themes to give my visitors a professional experience.

To see ThemeForests beautiful WordPress themes visit ThemeForest.

Section Takeaway:

After reading to this section, you should understand;

✓ WordPress is the ideal platform to start a website online for free.

✓ WordPress has great design themes and widgets to create a simple blog or fully functional e-commerce websites.

✓ Volumes of free tutorials available online to help you get started.

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Section 16: Get An Autoresponder

Money is in the email list. You’ve no doubt heard of this nugget of wisdom before. And it’s true. A highly targeted email list makes it possible for you to create a passive and consistent income.

You need to build your OWN database of clients (with email addresses) by tapping into online communities and social media platforms. Online communities, forums and social networks are great for reaching out to potential clients, but only to entice them into joining your email list. Growing your own email list means not relying on online communities and networks for income in the longer term.

Relying solely on external networks for an income means that you have little control over your business. Any changes they make can reduce your visibility to your target audience and negatively impact on your revenue.

However, since you will be building your own database of emails, you will have full control of your business and continue to enjoy the revenue over the longer term.

Your next task, then, is to understand how an automated email marketing service (or commonly known as an Autoresponder) works.

How autoresponders work

An autoresponder works a little something like this;

AutoResponder Cycle for work at home moms
  • STEP 1: A visitor enters their name and e-mail address on your website to subscribe for your content.
    • They join to receive a regular newsletter, an ebook or other digital products.
  • STEP 2: A confirmation e-mail is sent to the subscriber automatically.
    • Once the subscriber clicks on the confirmation link in their email, they’re subscribed. You now have a new subscriber to your email database.
  • STEP 3: The subscriber will receive a ‘Welcome’ e-mail.
    • The first in a series of autoresponder e-mails will be sent out. This usually contains the content they have signed up to get.
  • STEP 4: Subscribers receive regular automated emails and one-off broadcast emails (special offers) filled with valuable content with affiliate links.
    • The autoresponder sends out your preset emails filled with valuable content and links to affiliated products or services. All the emails can be set up once and sent out automatically to each subscriber over time.
  • STEP 5: Every time a subscriber clicks your affiliate link in the email and makes a purchase then you will be awarded a commission. Ka-ching!!!

The 60/40 ruling

A major challenge that you face is having users become deeply frustrated with repeated hard selling. People will soon grow tired of you always having a “must-have deal” or “insane saving” every few days and will soon unsubscribe from your list. You don’t want to come across as that irritating, spammy jerk.

No, you want to try and get a 60/40 content to advertising balance in your emails.

60% of your e-mails will be value-driven, without a sales pitch or a product placement. It will be about giving people genuine help and value, and only offering products when it makes sense and is legitimate.

Each email can have a link in there, but it should be minimally advertised and not be the focus of your emails.

Remember, people sign up with your autoresponder to get value, not to be badgered into buying stuff. You are supposed to be offering clear value and assistance to people, so make sure that is your aim moving forward.

60% of your e-mails should be built to engage; the other 40% should have good offers included, only when valuable to the subscriber.

The typical autoresponder email

The emails you will be sending are more akin to an email newsletter rather than a ‘Dear X, Regards Y’ letter style that many use. Therefore, you may tend to get more indirect marketing messages into your newsletter as it’s all about offering news, value and help.

The content can vary massively from email to email. There is no standard other than don’t send people pure offers or just banal chatter. Every e-mail sent should be taking you a step closer to fulfilling the promise made when people signed up in the first place.

The most common form of email you need to send out will usually be some form of tip or advice. It could be an interview with an authority figure, ‘X Things to Consider’ articles, interesting facts, or a ‘How To’ guide.

Many choices exist, you just need to make it relatable to your original topic. You are looking to create content that is likely to engage and excite your users over a significant period. Crucially, it should also provide the platform needed to encourage consistent sales of your affiliated products and services.

This is obviously a hard balance to strike. The key to success is to make sure that every e-mail you send out is one you would like to receive from a business.

When done right, it’s the most powerful marketing tool that you can have!

What makes a good autoresponder?

Your next task should be to subscribe to an autoresponder service. Choosing a good autoresponder is important – it will be a big determining factor in your success.

Autoresponders all have a similar reason for existence, but they work in a very different manner to each other.

These are the questions you need to ask when looking for an autoresponder;

  • How user-friendly is the software? How easy is it to send e-mails to individuals? How quickly can you run and then manage email campaigns?
  • Does it have a good interface? This matters. You need to be able to make great looking emails without being a coding guru.
  • Are your emails user-friendly on mobile devices?
  • Can you track the performance of your campaigns? Do you have access to the analytics to make determined, accurate calls about performance?
  • Are there templates to pick from to save you building email designs from scratch?
  • What kind of training is provided with the autoresponder? The best ones give you awesome video tutorials on how to use each part of the service.
  • Can you run split testing to see how various headers and styles work out?
  • How much does it cost? Do you get access to a trial version?                  

Finding the right autoresponder will allow you to easily automate the marketing to your email list and build a lucrative passive income.

I use ConvertKit autoresponder as they offer an excellent way to market to your email list at an affordable price. It’s ideal for work at home moms starting out with a small budget.

To get your 30 days FREE TRIAL go to ConvertKit.

Section Takeaway:

After reading this section, you should understand:

✓ How to use an autoresponder to automate and optimise the marketing process and built a lucrative subscriber list.

✓ How to use the 60/40 rule to balance engaging content and valuable sales pitch throughout your email series.

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Section 17: How To Get FREE Traffic To Your Affiliate Links 

Now, one of the next challenges that you will have to try and take on is finding traffic. Affiliate marketing is, after all, only as powerful as the volume of targeted traffic that you can get for yourself.

So, how do you go about finding quality sources of free traffic?

Let’s start off by looking at the most effective free traffic sources that you can utilise. Before your website can get off the ground, it needs visitors. This is what we can get from the free traffic sources that we are going to discuss in a bit more detail.

Doing this allows you to get people turning up to your website, clicking your affiliate links, and hopefully buying something through it to get you an excellent commission.

The challenge, then, stems from making sure that people are interested enough to sign up to your email subscription and leave their details for your future marketing campaigns. While they might be reading your valuable content on your blog, you want them on your mailing list as well – this means offering them enough value to make them see you as more than just another person who wants to take their money.

So, how do we go about finding visitors and getting subscriptions?

Content, content, content!

The first thing that you can do is create quality blog posts every day. A daily dose of blogging can keep your blog/site nice and fresh; it adds value, and keeps it modern.

Nothing is less attractive to a prospective buyer than a website with months-old content. Even the smallest, most minuscule of industries have daily news that you can report on, so don’t hesitate to look for a story and write a post about it.

What about length?

Well, you should at least try and keep your blog posts to around 200-300 words. For longer pieces aim for 500-1000 words, if you are writing a feature, but daily posts do not have to be so large. Try and establish from commonly used keywords that you will use each day – naturally, of course – for search engine optimisation purposes. Taking the chance to do this will go a long way to making it much easier for you to generate traffic.

The best thing that you can do, then, is to make yourself come across as an expert and an authority figure. People won’t sign up to your mailing list if you just offer the same tips as the top few results on Google; you need to be more diverse in your thinking.

Slowly start to build trust by offering value and giving people a bit more than the average Joe might. It’s a great way to start to build a brand – by simply providing a perspective that others are not covering too much.

Also, make sure that your content is engaging. A big wall of text with little separation, headings, images or video may fall flat on its face. Useless sales patter, too; we aren’t here to just make money, we are here to inform and give value. Even if your post has no affiliate links, it’s fine; not everything you post has to be about earning money – your post can earn you credibility and respect, instead!

Also, be sure to add a call to action as often as you can to get readers involved. Make a call to action about your mailing list, or to click an affiliate link, but try and avoid doing both. In a 200-300-word blog post or even a 500-word post – it will look a bit forced.

What to write about

Now that you know how you should go about structuring a blog post, you need to ensure that the content is great as well.

Your blog posts need to be engaging. So, what should you write about? What are the best ways to go about writing about any particular topic?

Here are a few ideas;

  • Be Informative. Your first aim should always be to write an educational piece. Add in tips, tricks, ideas or even just the latest advancements in the industry to keep people informed and excited about its development.
  • Interviews. Get an interview with someone worth hearing from in the industry. This is an excellent way to get both authority-based promotions and also to offer insight and intrigue backed up by a professional.
  • Reviews. Write honest reviews about products on the market. Write a little case study, show the products being used in real-life. Even create some comparisons to help people decide.
  • Lists. Writing a top 5-10 list can be a good way to start building content. It could be about other good blogs to read, and it could be about helpful tips and tricks. Writing top 5-10 lists always make good, promotable and SEO-friendly content.
  • Q & A’s. Ask on your social media accounts or build a list of questions found online, and offer answers about the topic. It helps people see you as an authority figure.
  • Seasonal Events. Create event-based posts – wishing people a Happy Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Easter, etc. – be as open and as diverse as you can; be all-inclusive and promote every holiday!
  • Industry Events. Be sure to give people information and advice about upcoming workshops, events and important releases in the industry itself. Keeping people informed, even without selling, is good for building authority.
  • Reports. Gather up some recent white papers released by the industry or from industry leaders and share them online. Giving this extra bit of authority-based content with commentary is a good way to show people you have knowledge on the topic.
  • Surveys. Run a survey, put the results together and release them to your audience.

Google Alerts

To make it easier to come up with other ideas for content a bit more outside the box, hit up Google Alerts. Set industry-based Google Alerts and then you can find highly compelling content from industry leaders that you can look to write about and cover for your blog posts.

The same thought process works for analysing industry-specific online forums. Take a look at what forum members are discussing;

  • What are people confused about?
  • What seems to be the major talking points?
  • Can you find a solution?
  • Could you write a post about what people are getting so excited about?

Taking the time to research topics on sites such as Reddit, online forums, YouTube and other social media can help you create some pretty awesome ideas for content generation for your posts.

Not much of a writer?

You don’t have to be a qualified writer to write your blog posts. You can outsource the process of writing to writers available online.

Simply create a structure of your blog post using bullet points. Create a brief for the writer explaining what the content should cover in the post.

Always check out the potential writer’s previous work to validate their writing skill level. Order the blog posts once you are satisfied with the writers writing ability and price point.


I regularly use to have my content written by professional writers. They do an excellent job in writing quality content and save me a lot of time in the process.

Go to to find great writers for your content.

Quick and easy traffic sources

So, you’ve sat up all night, and you have (or had professional a writer) write some bad-ass blog content. You now have several posts that cover many of the above topics, as well as a few that go outside the box.

Now what?

Repurposing content for maximum free traffic

RePurposing Content for work at home moms

Once your posts are created and uploaded to your site or blog, they can be re-purposed to create several versions for distribution to other social media networks. This will help you gain more free traffic and reach a greater targeted audience by utilising the same content structure with a few minor tweaks to the copy.

Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Forms of repurposing

#1 – The Original Version. This is the original version of your blog post. This will help you gain traction with the search engines and get free traffic.

#2 – Guest Blogging. Create a list of blogs or websites that target the same type of buyers as you do. These blogs will become long-term content sharing partners to help you grow your email subscriptions.

Send an email or call the blog editors and request permission to send them blog content that their audience will love and benefit from.

Then take your original blog post and create a repurposed version for each of the blog partners that accept content from you. Make sure that your blog partners include your Author Bio paragraph with a link back to your site.

Do this on a regular basis as a way of getting more subscribers to your email list.

#3 – Facebook. As the king of social media marketing, Facebook offers the perfect place for you to try and promote your blog. All you need to do with this is to create a personal Facebook profile or use your current one.

Throw in the odd business post – maybe 1/20th of your content could be done in this manner. Then, create a personal Facebook business page for your enterprise. Start posting your website content here, and also create some re-purposed and edited for Facebook only editions of the same content to avoid duplication.

Once this is done, you should look to start posting one post per day. Cycle through the content you already have and make sure you are not too obvious with your re-purposing of old pages.

Try and reply to any comments that come in – even the rude ones. Obviously, be civil back and play the part of the ‘bigger person’ bearing in mind that social activity, even responding to abuse, is good for online visibility.

Make a Facebook group, too, for people who love your business/industry. Do this, and you can have other like-minded people joining up and advertising for you soon enough. Join other relevant groups and make yourself a welcome authority around the place.

Just avoid posting the same stuff from all of your profiles. Manage them uniquely; it looks much better than robotic, copy-and-paste, uniform advertising from you.

#4 – LinkedIn. Another powerful social media platform, LinkedIn offers an easy way for you to get access to a more professional level of client. Add some updates to your professional account, containing a link to your blog post while talking about the subject matter positively.

Also, create – or join – LinkedIn groups. Getting a discussion going on this platform can only be good for your promotion, seen as it’s one of the strongest social media platforms out there.

Comment on other discussions and offer helpful, factual information that can make life easier for your potential subscribers.

#5 – YouTube. Going video viral is a great way to get exposure, and you just need to make a video version of the blog. Record yourself talking about the topic, or pay a freelancer to do the recording talking about it for you.

Ensure you optimise the video with keywords, tags and descriptions that are relevant so that you can be easily found. If you want to record yourself, you can find plenty of cheap – or free – video recording tools out there.

You could even record a video on a smartphone if the quality is good enough; always put a lot of importance in the quality, though. Pixelated, cheap videos tend to get avoided!

#6 – Pinterest. An excellent source for graphical media, Pinterest allows for easy creation of your blog content in a visual form. Get on to a freelancer and have them make up cool infographics using the blog content as the base. Link back to the original blog post as well. You can make the design yourself, but paying someone is probably best at this point.

As you can see, all of these point makes it mega easy to re-purpose that one piece of content and use it a whole six times.

Just make sure that you can find a genuine targeted audience for your industry. Not every form of repurposing is right for every industry; look at what performs best for the kind of people you will be targeting and make your choices from there.

Section Takeaway:

After reading this section, you should understand;

✓ How to create original content that leads to traffic to your affiliate links.

✓ How to find new ideas for creating original content.

✓ Where to start promoting your posts to get free traffic to your affiliate links.

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Section 18: Conclusion

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar

The Zig Ziglar quote should chime with you about what affiliate marketing means. So long as you are providing people with a platform to find what they need and want most in life, you can earn from it – and earn well.

So, we’ve now reached the end of this part of the journey into Affiliate Marketing.

Wait… for now at least.

You have just opened the door to making money online with affiliate marketing. Your journey as a work at home mom has just begun.

Why? It’s because there are lots of things that you still need to know beyond this article.

So, what now? Since I've already broken everything down for you step by step, we now come to the conclusion that it is time to put what you have discovered into action.

Through this article, you have made yourself open to many online opportunities, and that includes creating your own online income stream as a stay at home mother.

Now the only question left to ask really is what happens after this?

Where do I go from here?

Okay, don’t panic. You have 3 very possible choices;


Choice 1: You give up now and quit.

Okay, let’s be honest here.

The main reason you are reading this article is that you want to learn something new. Perhaps make a career for yourself that you can be proud of while being a stay at home mother.

But you may also decide to walk away.

You can return to your old life, go back to the way things were when you were still drowning in debt, with your interest no longer piqued.

But what do you think will happen when you give up?

You’ll turn away from the prospect of having a free, fun and fair lifestyle and you’ll go back to the rat race. Before long, you’ll be chipping away at that five-figure debt in a 9-5 job that you hate, or toiling as an apprentice in an industry you’d never considered.

The reality can be grim, to say the least.

Choice 2: Go it alone and Good Luck!

Many mothers choose to do this, in the hope that results will come eventually. They take knowledge from this article, and try to head out into the world alone. Along the way, mistakes are made, money is wasted, and valuable time is gone as problems continue to escalate.

However, at least you are ready to try – for that, I truly do commend you and your bravery to at least be willing to make mistakes. The fact you can see the potential in affiliate marketing, and are willing to work for it, is wonderful news.

Choice 3: Make money as a Work From Home Mother

You can choose to leverage the success of other work at home mothers using affiliate marketing to pay off their debts and live an abundant life.

You can choose to take your income to the next level.

You can choose to open yourself up to the potential for making massive amounts of money and avoid making costly mistakes.

Whichever choice you make, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

The road to financial independence has never been so clear. I hope to meet you soon down this road.


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