For Moms Who Want To Work At Home – But Can’t Get Started

You know what I’m tired of hearing?

Women have to stop earning money once they have children

We all know how women thrive, just as men do, to get a job; how they worked through endless nights to earn that promotion. So, imagine the pain they must be in once they throw the towel in on their careers.

According to Lean In, about 43% of women ended their careers because they found it too hard to juggle between their work and children.

But what if this number could decrease?

Unemployed moms could join in the trend of working from home and solve their 100-year old dilemma.

Look, I’m going to be fair to you.

I’m not going to tell you that working from home is easy, because IT IS NOT, especially, if you add the children into the equation.

Work and kids, like oil and water, just don’t mix at all. Or so I thought.

The reason why I changed my mind

I wasn’t always a big fan of working from home. “THAT could never be my thing”, I said to myself.

You see, my point of view was very different back then. I see people who worked from home as somewhat lazy or anti-social.

I mean, they are trapped in their house, wearing their pyjamas all day. They also barely go out so who knows when they have last seen the sunrise?

They are missing out on all the good stuff by imprisoning themselves in the house. And, I just couldn’t imagine why they chose to live that way.

But, all of these misconceptions changed on one afternoon while I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline. I stumbled across a true story about a mother who had signed up for an online job.

She kept this as a secret for a long time since she didn’t want to embarrass her husband who worked as an engineer.

So, what was disconcerting about this, you might ask.

Well, in some countries, most men do not want to share their titles of being the bread-winner of the family. So, she ended up only working when her husband wasn’t in the house.

Three years later, her husband lost his job, and their family were faced with financial difficulties.

They were drowning in their own debts.

One evening, she finally decided to tell her husband about her online job. As her husband listened to her, his face began to lighten up. It turns out, his wife managed to save up millions.

The husband didn’t get mad or embarrassed. Instead, he was very thankful towards his wife.

Sounds impressive, right?

After that, I began to read more about people who chose to work from home. And, I realised that they weren’t lazy or anti-social. Most of them happen to have specific circumstances that they can’t deal with if they are in the office.

Below, you can see the list of causes that inevitably drive moms to choose the “work from home” lifestyle.

Top reasons why moms choose to work from home;

Having a newborn baby that creates a need to work from home

When you’re blessed with a newborn baby, you’ll want to stay at home to be a part of the baby’s first months.

Having a nanny take care of their newborn is something that most mothers like to avoid. I know of some moms who breastfed their newborns while they worked (or is it the other way around?).

They did all their mom duties while typing in their keyboards, determined to hand in over their work before the deadline. These working-from-home moms used a carrier or a wrap to keep their baby close to them.

By doing so, it assured them that their baby is safe. Thus, they felt relieved while working.

Think about this for a moment: Have you ever seen a mom do these things in an office?

Because I haven’t and I bet you haven’t either.

Although earning money will be the furthest from your mind when you’re taking care of a newborn baby, you’ll want to explore ways in which you can make money from home and spend quality time with the new addition to your family.

Wanting to spend more time with the kids

When you’re already a mom, there’s nothing more beautiful than being part of your toddlers’ childhood. Your kids will grow up fast, so you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with them while they’re still young.

When you’re a work-at-home mom, you will be able to witness essential milestones in their lives while earning money at the same time.

Having to work in your own house is not all bad. Yes, it still has its cons, but it can’t possibly outweigh the opportunity of spending more time with the kids, right?

What could be more important than family, right?

Keep in mind that your daughters/sons are only young once. They should be showered with proper care and love during their early years.

You must teach them what is right from wrong and guide them on how to become a great person.

A need to earn an additional income as a work at home mom.

Work-at-home careers can be an excellent source of additional income for struggling households. It’s a great way to supplement your partner’s income.

Let’s face it.

Some (or most) families don’t have enough financial resources. We must acknowledge that fathers also struggle as much as the mothers do.

They have a hard time finding a stable source of income that is enough to keep the family’s heads above the water.

Sometimes, they’re in way over their head at work, but choose to keep it to themselves. They carry the heavy burden as the bread-winner of the family.

But, times are changing.

Believe it or not, most mothers don’t stay prettily at home. Knowing that their husband is in a bind, they search for another source of income.

Fear of losing your job or being made redundant

Are you close to losing your job or getting fired?

Being a work at home mom gives you the ability to provide for your family even after losing your job.

Unfulfilled in your existing job

Do you feel unhappy with your current job?

Do you want to pursue a new career?

Then have a career change and a fresh start by working from home. When you work at home, you choose the kind of work you want to do. There are hundreds of work-from-home jobs available to you.

Just decide which sector you want to work in then provide your service from home. With so many niches you can succeed in, you can even get out of your comfort zone and try different careers that pique your interest.

Get out of debt with a side hustle from home

Working from home definitely pays off!

You don’t need to sacrifice your day job when you want to pursue a work-at-home career. You can work from home to provide an extra source of income that can be used to pay off your debts.

Ill health forcing you to work from home

Ill health can prevent you from working a regular 9-5 job. Fortunately, you can still pursue a career through a home-based job. With the flexibility of what work from home jobs offer, you can choose your own hours based on your health.

Employers don’t look at your health records when you work from home. It’s that simple.

Are you living from Payday to Payday?

With the rising cost of living, it’s a hard grind when you’re always working to meet your family’s needs. Not being able to save for a rainy day can make you feel insecure.

And who wouldn’t want regular holidays in the sun?

Working from home can help you afford luxury holidays and provide a secure financial future for your family.

I know mothers out there aspire to have a comfortable lifestyle and don’t want to compromise their financial freedom in the future. They yearn to live abundantly but at the same time, don’t want to pressure their husbands about earning more.

Is working from home the right solution?

If you want to maintain a deep connection with your kids and at the same time help your husband in paying the bills, then the answer is yes.

Working from home is not only right but also the best solution for you. There’s no doubt about it.

Personality and attitude are everything in this line of work.

In exchange for your dedication and hard work, you’ll get to be a full-time mom and a breadwinner! Your husband and other moms will have great respect towards you.

Plus, your kids will still have someone who will guide them and who will help them with their homework.

Isn’t that what you want?

You see, working from home when done right, can be a joyous and happy experience. It can make you feel fulfilled, peaceful and calm. Also, your stress levels won’t increase because of monster bosses and bullying co-workers.

You won’t have someone check on you and your computer/laptop every hour.

You can also forget the daycare costs as you’ll get to watch over your kids while working.

Over time, you will grow mentally and will become a person who loves a challenge! You won’t have a stagnant hour and will remain stimulated throughout your working day.

These are the benefits when you become a work at home mom?

Get out of the just-above-broke trap to become financially free.

Are you struggling to survive with your budget every month? You can break free from your money problems and get your financial freedom back by working at home.

Achieve the goals of your kids, husband and your own.

When you are working at home, you have more opportunity to focus on your goals and work towards achieving them. If you wanted to give time to a hobby or interest but never had the time before, then being a work-at-home can give you the chance to do this. If you wanted to have luxurious holidays with your family but didn’t have the money, and the time, with home-based jobs it can become a reality.

Don’t want to be coupon cutting.

Have you ever caught yourself frequently looking at your credit card or bank account statement? Are you worried about not having a meal to eat the next day because of the piling up of your expenses? Obsessing over credit scores, living frugal lives, compromising on the quality of life takes the juice out of living!

Work-at-home jobs will not only allow you to earn money and live abundantly, but it means you can enjoy life without depriving yourself of things that you want.

Be a mother, wife, and a breadwinner.

Who knew you could nail all of these roles? You can be a good mother and take care of your children, be a loving wife who always has time for their husband and a successful woman that can pay her bills. You can be a respected professional woman who enjoys her life through her hard work.

Stress-free work.

Working from 9 to 5 job is very exhausting and stressful. Your work, your boss, your co-employees and your workplace can give you stress. When you work at home, you won’t need to worry about your strict boss shouting at you all the time and your bullying co-workers whose hobby include throwing insults.

Provide a sense of contentment and fulfilment.

Working at home is never that easy because you still have to work hard just like in your regular job. The best thing about working at home is you can choose your niche so if ever things become hard you can still stay motivated. If you are passionate about your job, you won’t have any trouble working through the challenges you may face.

Allow personal and professional growth.

Working at home doesn’t mean that you will not be improving your skills and knowledge. Just like working a regular job, you will also have personal and professional growth.

Reduced travelling expenses.

Being a work-at-home mom means you don’t need to travel as much. You can complete your work from the comfort of your home. Think of the hours saved every day by not commuting and the stress you avoid from removing traffic jams from your life.

Reduced childcare expenses.

Since you’ll be staying at home, you won’t need to hire a babysitter or a nanny to take care of your kids. You can work and take care of your children both at the same time. Another great thing about this is you can see your children as they grow up which is very fulfilling as a parent.

Working from home means not having to work 9-5.

If you get a home-based job, you can be in complete control of your daily work schedule. Your schedule depends on your preferred working hours.

The transition from regular job to home-based job.

When you’re a work-at-home mom, it does not mean that you have to give up your regular job. You can start by working at home during your days off. Try out the work-at-home lifestyle. This way, you will also know if it is worth it to give up your day job for your home-based job.

Enjoy the work-life balance.

A healthy work-life balance depends solely on how well you manage your schedule and your responsibilities.

You can acquire it by doing the following;Maintaining a discipline: Learn to discipline yourself. Once you have set a specific time for work, then you should stick to it. Ensure your family understand that you have to focus on your work during those hours.

Managing distractions: Distractions can come in many forms. Interruptions from your kids, social media, television, emergencies at home, household tasks and unexpected errands. Have an action plan to manage your distractions to remain productive as you work. Make sure also that your home office will be off-limits to everyone in your family especially your kids.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that working at home is easy. Just like a regular job, you need to exert the same or additional effort to make it work.

Enthusiasm will make your hard work a breeze.

It is not easy to be a work-at-home mom. However, let me share a little secret on how you’ll excel in this kind of job – enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm will give you the energy to work long hours when necessary.

No job security with your existing employer.

Times are changing. If you think your income is safe by putting your own security in the hands of your employer, think again.

Sure, a 9 to 5 job can give you job security as this gets you a paycheque every month. But you need to ask yourself, “Until when?”

Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever (only diamonds!) or at least, in your own lifetime. Over time, this can give you the feeling of anxiety, you can’t stop thinking when you’ll be sacked or laid off.

You see, employers only view employees as a liability on their balance sheet. If the numbers don’t add up, they could lay you off at a moment’s notice and find someone who does the work better than you can at on a lesser salary.

Also, corporations these days do not want to increase the headcount of their regular employees. This is because an increase in headcount would only warrant higher taxes. So, they opt to hire new employees on a contractual basis.

However, contractual employees don’t get the same benefits as the regular employees.

So, where is the security in that?

On the other hand, if you work at home, you can find solace in thinking that you have control over your income. Not only that, you can have multiple streams of income in a month while getting the chance to watch your kids grow up. If you lose one client, you’ll still have the revenue from the others. You can have the “extra security” that a regular job can’t give you.

Plus you get to tick ‘Entrepreneur’ off your bucket list!

See the difference now?

Remember: The risk of working for yourself is the same as working for an employer, but now your fate lies in your own hands.

So what have you got to lose?

Decide to take full control of your life. You can always go back to working for someone else if things don’t work out.

It’s actually therapeutic!

Think about it, you are doing what you love, you get to pick your own hours, you get to do your mom duties, and you get to spend quality time with your kids at home. This will totally fire up your natural ‘happy drugs’ like endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. It’s basically an anti-depressant.

Your work can be a distraction from the real harsh word. This could be a way to break away from the stresses of life. Your stress-reliever can be at the same time your source of income.

How to identify your area of expertise in work-at-home jobs?

Do some research on finding the perfect work-at-home job for yourself. You should consider your lifestyle and interests in finding the work from home job that suits you.

I recommend that you choose a job that is in line with your strengths and passion.

However, if you want to get out of your comfort zone, you can always search for other opportunities that you think are interesting.

Getting over the overwhelm

Yes, it can be overwhelming. All jobs can be overwhelming in the beginning.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! So you get over the overwhelm one bite at a time.

Getting started with working from home can make you feel lost.

You feel overwhelmed because you’re doing the job in your own hours and your boss isn’t peeking on your computer/laptop.

You’re in a never-ending battle with procrastination. You’re afraid that you will never be able to have control and discipline.

Yes, I know the feeling, I’ve been there.

So how do you understand and manage the issues that come up in managing the work from home lifestyle?

At this point, organising your working hours and managing your distractions are the best ways to go. You must understand that becoming self-motivated is a learning curve but not a steep one. It is a slowly but surely process.

If possible, pick a working place where you cannot see the television as this might tempt you into tuning in to your favourite afternoon drama. The path is not going to be easy. But if you take those little steps one at a time, I can guarantee you that you’ll eventually turn over a new leaf.

Understanding the tech

Technology will be your biggest ally. Knowing how to use the proper tools and technologies made available to you will play a vital role in your home-based job, so you need to learn to use it to your advantage.

The beauty of implementing hardware and software in today’s time is that there are so many resources available. From support desks to YouTube tutorials, technology is getting easier and easier to implement when working from home.

Well, here’s the thing:

You’ll be glad to know that there is generally a low barrier to entering this line of work. You just need to purchase a domain name, a hosting package, install WordPress for free and buy a suitable WordPress theme, and away you go!

Simple, isn’t it?

Walk away from Naysayers

If you think you can do it, then you probably can. The power of positivity has never let any great woman down throughout  history.

Avoid the Naysayers, they’ll only inject negativity and stress into your life. They are merely worried that you will actually succeed and get to live a happy life with your kids while you’re working.

It’s time to stop giving them the chance to show you how you should be living your life.

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