Step 1

The 3-Step system that work from home moms are using to successfully get online.

No overwhelm, just a quick and cost effective way to get online that actually works.

After reading work at home blogs, signing up to hundreds of newsletters, watching videos online and scouring the Internet most get overwhelmed with the idea of getting online.

You are still left with the one burning question you set out to answer…

Where do I actually start?

So here it is…

Step 1: Get a Domain Name

I always buy my domain names from 1and1. I suggest you do the same click here.

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Step 2: Get a Web Hosting service

I buy my hosting service from SiteGround. I highly recommend them as they’re so reliable. You should do the same click here.

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Step 3: Get a Blogging platform

I use WordPress as my blogging platform. Its so easy to install and very reliable.

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Along with WordPress you absolutely MUST also get Thrive Themes. The reason being that they have a very intuitive system to design and update your blog that even novices can use. Click here to view their features.

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That’s it…you’re online. Congratulations!

Oh, there is just one more step:

Learn about the magic of Affiliate Marketing and how it will help work at home moms make money online, click here.