Work At Home Mompreneur – The Real Story


Before I became a work at home mom, I’d wake up, cook meals, clean the dishes and the toilet, get three kids ready for school, find my husband’s socks, kiss him goodbye to work, do the laundry, clean the house, cook food for the kids, sit down and calculate the budget, repeat this 365 times and you get to see a life of a wife and a mom – a snapshot of my life as it used to be.

But wait, before I continue, I forgot my manners. I’m sorry, let me introduce myself first.

Who am I? A work at home mom?

Hi there! I am Jennifer (my pen name) from the UK.

I am a Work At Home Mom! (Huge smile).

During my childhood, I would have never thought that I would be proud to go from a low paid worker to a successful work-at-home mom.

I mean, hey, I did not imagine that I would spend a big part of my life changing diapers. However, after I laboured in the maternity ward for more than 10 hours and finally held my first baby, I had a complete change of heart and tears started to fall.

As soon as we locked eyes with my baby girl, everything changed.

All those worries about my career and financial problems faded. Well, they indeed did not disappear; however, they did become a second thought.

It made the financial and emotional rollercoaster of going through IVF treatment well worth the effort.

How it all began

I grew up in a working-class family and had to work hard just to go get through school.

My family was living from paycheque to paycheque about a decade ago. And, I never realised this until I read the book “Success: The Glenn Bland Method” written by Charlie Jones. In chapter five, Jones mentioned a proven principle which I never forgot up to this day,

“If you can’t live on $500 per month- you couldn’t live on $5,000 per month.”

That was true, or at least it was for my family.

Here’s why:

Ten years ago, my dad received a paycheque that was five times lower than what he’s earning now. We barely had any savings in the bank. I thought that if he made more, our savings would definitely go up, but I was wrong. Until now, we still barely have any savings in the bank.

The thing is, the higher his salary was, the higher our bills became.

We pushed our frugal way of living aside when we got financially complacent.

That’s when it hit me; life was giving us a big red caveat. We needed to start keeping track of our finances; where and how much money goes out and how much money we need to save for any future emergencies.

To become financially free, we needed to change our attitude towards money. We set our priorities straight, created a budget plan, kept track of where our money went and saved at least 20% of our monthly income.

But you know what else?

My mother decided to start working from home! The amount she earned was small and seemed nothing compared to what my father made, but all of it went to our savings. After a couple of months, we finally started to have a comfortable lifestyle where we had fewer worries about money.

Becoming a digital work at home mom

I will not tell you how YOUNG (sounds contradicting, I know) I am right now (because most woman, like you and me, do not EVER want to talk about age, right?).

However, I will let you in on something: I married at a young age. And I am happy to say that I have no regrets whatsoever.

I mean, who would have? If you have such beautiful children that bring joy and life to your home! I have 3 children in my life: Angelica, aged 18; and the twins David, and Daniella, aged 11.

I do not possess an excellent educational background. But I am confident enough to say that I got to become tech-savvy on my own – a ‘digital mom’ you can say.

My multiple roles 

After I married, I wished to fulfil my role as a loving wife. And so, I focused myself on taking care of my husband and run a loving home.

I do it all, what every stay at home mom should do — laundry, cooking, cleaning — you name it! I always make sure that my husband is ready to go to work every morning and can come home to a relaxing and comfortable home.

My “housewife” role became a little bit harder when Angelica came. As a first time mom, the moment you saw your firstborn is timeless. All exhaustion of giving birth seems to go away, only to come crashing down on you for the first few months of having a baby at home.

The word “sleepless” is underrated. Now, I get to even work at night — changing diapers, lullabies (I tell you, I have become a professional singer), and breastfeeding.

It gets a little easier after a few more months and as I finally get used to the routine. Tiredness seems to go away as soon as I see my baby smile or hear her laugh.

Or so I thought.

A few years later, I had my twins David and Danielle. The cycle starts again only to double the hardship. Now, I have 3 children to worry about.

But, it did not stop there.

Financial worry sapped the joy out of my supposedly happy life.

With our growing family, comes the increasing need for more money to fund everyday living. We fell into debt just to provide enough for our 3 children. And this forced me to look for a job and become a work-at-home mom to help in paying for out expenses.

‘If only I can get a job with my motherly skills, I’d have so many good offers’ I tell myself.

Much as I wanted to take off my kitchen apron and fix my cranky hairstyle and wear my blushing cheeks to work, I would do it to at least to pay-off some of our debts.

But I couldn’t.

Who will wash the dishes? Who will cook the meals? Who will take my kids to school? Who will kiss my husband goodbye? Who will do the laundry? How can I put yet another thing on my already full plate?

I came to a point in my life where I asked myself how long I will be able to handle everything that I have to deal with. Because honestly, I thought it was the end for me.

I look at other mothers at times and wonder if they also have the same financial stress.

Life was indeed a drama for me.

But things were about to blow up, big time. I will explain why in a moment.

Needless to say, I needed to join the workforce of working moms or see my children starve.

My circumstances before I became a work at home mom

My husband; I married him because of love. In a world full of rational minds, I choose my heart. I said, “Who cares if he is not the CEO of some big company, as long as I love him and he loves me, we’ll get by.”

Ah, young love.

After a few years of being married, I did understand why most people choose the practicality mindset. I am not saying that I regret being married to him though; I love him with all of my heart. It is just that married life is very challenging and distressing at times.

My husband is on the road most of the time. However, his monthly salary is too low to support us all. It was enough when it was just the two of us, but with the arrival of our 3 children, things pushed us to the edge of financial catastrophe.

Also, the cost of living is rising with no evidence of it going down. This includes gas and electricity bills, our everyday food, and baby items like diapers and powdered milk.

Oh, I almost forgot, my children are are going to school. So, I have to add school supplies like craft materials, pencil, books, and tuition fees to the long list of our monthly expenses.

This really, REALLY drives me crazy, doing all the budgeting. And that is not where it ends.

My debts

Yes, we have debts. We needed the money to pay for our IVF treatment, so we applied for loans. I learned to create a tight budget plan, to have enough money for our every day needs and manage our debts.

Our finances led me to an emotional coma or depression as people will call it. I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts were overwhelming me; it was as if I was being drowned without water.

That is when depression took charge of me.

My husband and I argued every time we saw each other. Harsh words fill the supposedly peaceful nights. I took sleeping pills just to get some rest. I forgot about my responsibilities — to my husband and to my children. I became selfish, only thinking about how hurt I am and how miserable and difficult my life was.

Then I looked myself in the mirror.

I was not who I used to be. I looked at my children sleeping, peacefully. I realised it was not just me. My depression does not only take charge of myself, but it affected my children, too.

Instead, of being strong for them, I became weak, and I can see that they were suffering, too.

And my husband? Regardless of how strong he might want to portray himself, I felt his suffering. As his wife, I should be the one comforting him. But, I pushed all responsibilities to him, even my own. We were supposed to be a team, to work and support this family.

None of this helped our IVF treatment as we needed to stay in a ‘happy’ state to increase our chances of success.

Sapped and drain, I kept on trying to work a way out of the hopeless maze my family was in.

My constraints

To tell you the truth, I am not a highly educated person. My parents could not afford to send me to a private school due to lack of money even though they work hard day and night.

Their income was just enough to pay for our food and bills. But, I really wanted to get an excellent education. It was my dream to remove my parents from our pitiful state.

That is why I became a working student. I tried so hard but could not reach my goal. In the end, instead of working to pay for my tuition, I worked so that I could help my parents pay our bills.

Now with my current family situation, I wanted to help increase the household income and search for a job. However, I could not find the right one. One reason is that of education. Most companies will not hire someone with my poor exam results.

Secondly, most jobs require you to be physically present at the company. I just can’t leave the house and my kids and go to work. I do not want to hire a nanny to take care of my children. Not because I do not trust other people with my kids, but because that would be another expense to cover.

My turning point

Things went from being bad to worse the day we faced repossession for our home. Our debts grew bigger and bigger without us realising until they just came to take away our house. I do not know how things got this bad.

It broke my heart when our home, our own dear home, was repossessed because we couldn’t pay the mortgage anymore.

I remember distinctly how I stood straight right in front of the sink filled with dirty dishes, feeling numb when we received the letter. For a moment it felt like I was floating, worrying how and what will happen to my family.

‘This is MY home’ I repeated many, many times. This phase brought me to my senses: I needed to be strong.

It happened in a flash.

That is when I realised we really need more money. We definitely needed more cash. My husband’s income is not enough, and I needed to do something about it.

But, what?

I sat down with my husband and laid all the possible options we can deal with to get a better situation. We identified what was in our control. We managed our time, resources left, self-discipline, and the thirst within us to eradicate the unfortunate situation we were in.

We sat down and carefully considered things especially those of that that will affect our children’s life.

Calculating the expenses rattled my sanity, and so I could not complain about doing what was a little foreign to me. ‘Just a little sacrifice’ I would tell myself.

I do not possess the skills or education required by most companies. I can’t leave my kids. I do not have enough time to go to work, to be a wife and to be a mother at the same time.

But, what can I do?

That’s when I thought: “I need to change something not only for my family but also for myself.”

I had the right spirit and the right attitude for good work. So, I searched online.

As I researched how to make money online, I realised that opportunities are equal to everyone. The internet created a level playing field. The possibilities were endless. It was about putting the right pegs in the right holes.

I looked for an online job that could help me earn more money so that we can get out of this financial mess. I tried many sites, from typing to blog writing. I even tried online selling. And it worked for a while.

How affiliate marketing changed my financial future

But what really turned things around for us is when I learnt about Affiliate Marketing. And how starting my own blog would help me in getting my financial life back on track much faster.

I would cook while trying to strategise for the next blog content that I would need to develop. I would put my kids to sleep and think about how I can put into an image up on social media.

Little-by-little, we paid our debt and got our house back. Little-by-little we saved. Now, we have enough money for our family and our future.

If you have read this far then, I can only assume that you can relate to my story. And you too want to turn your life around for more financial independence.

As mothers, we play a significant role in the society – we groom those who hold the hope for our future.

But should we be caged in the four corners our homes? I don’t think it should always be the case.

I want to help others to achieve success

Now, I am running my own successful blog for other moms to benefit from.

Working online is like working in your own workspace at your own pace while having the unique opportunity to watch your children grow.

I created this site for several reasons:

1. To seek out other Moms in the same predicament as me

I know I was not the only mom that suffered from financial problems and depression that almost tore my family apart.

So, I am on a mission to seek other moms out there in the same predicament to show them a way out of poverty. To show them that they are stronger and more skilful than they think.

Today, I realised that with our love for our families, we can push ourselves farther than we think we could go.

2. To stop other moms from making the same mistakes that I did

This blog was made to spread awareness for other moms so that they will not make the same mistakes that I did. This is so that other moms will not experience the pain and stress I have been through.

Do not let your current financial situation startle you. It is only temporary.

Life can be hard, but you have to become a little tougher to survive life’s challenges.

3. To provide help and inspiration to financially struggling moms

For a new mom, it can be financially difficult without proper guidance. I created this site so that I can share helpful and inspirational financial tips and insights for all first time moms across the world.

4. To increase your self-worth

As mothers, we forget to take care of ourselves. I know, I’ve been there.

We blame ourselves for all manner of failures. We work ourselves tirelessly in taking care of our kids, our partner and managing our household.

Be a Superhero behind the kitchen apron.

We need to love ourselves, see our self-worth, and learn self-value.

See in your mirror a woman your husband loves, a mommy your children look up to, and a career woman you can be proud of.

5. To turn your passion into a business

Most moms have their own passion — crafting, writing and more. With this blog, I shall help moms turn their passion into a business that could help increase their family income. I will give you access to over 200 inspirational work at home blogs, business ideas, tips and much more.

6. To share actionable tips to earn extra money

As a mother, we all have the responsibility to support our children. It is not just the responsibility of your husband. I learned that the hard way.

Through this blog site, I will share and post tips to make extra money while being a stay at home mom.

What to do next?

I hope my own life story has inspired you enough to start your own blog.

So what’s the first step?

Join a network of mothers who, like you, are also working from home. Join the Mompreneur Family, click here.




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